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daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives

With reference to the immigrants' current situation after fleeing to Germany or Europe, the museum of
European cultures and  KUNSTASYL are in process of the realization of an exhibition:
"daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives" tries to explore through art and methods of cultural anthropology the know-how, desires, life perspectives and home environments of people who had to escape. The current topic is embedded into its historical context, using the example of people who fled within, to and from Europe in 19th and 20th century. The grand opening will take place on July 21, 2016.
The "a benign take-over" of the special show room at the Museum for European cultures through KUNSTASYL took place on March 4, 2016 with the hoisting of the KUNSTASYL flag outside of the museum.


View into the foyer of the MEK Museum of European Cultures. On May 17, 2015, Mohamed Firas had one stage of his flight, the part from Lybia to Italy over the sea, on a 17 meter red carpet in front of the home for asylum seekers in Staakener Strasse in Spandau performed. The recording of the performance "WELCOME" is played on the occasion of the "friendly takeover" of the exhibition space  by KUNSTASYL in the museum via two smartphones in life vests.


13.03.2016 Einmal wieder, einmal weiter wird im Museum gearbeitet.

Mit Zeichnungen werden die Wände fortgeführt beschrieben und Installationen greifen sich Raum.... Read more


07.03.2016 The traces of painting, the trails to Europe are not covering rocks but the walls of the exhibition hall. Those engravings arose in a public event during the opening ceremony of "daHEIM: Einsichten in flüchtige Leben / glances over fluid...

daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives

06.03.2016 The museum of European cultures and KunstAsyl had invited to the opening event of a four month workshop, dealing with the creation of a mutual living environment for humans with a home and without. ... Read more


26.02.2016 Die Spuren der Flucht, die sich im Innersten eingeschrieben haben, werden auf Papier übertragen -

... Read more


05.02.2016 Unter Leitung der Illustratorin und Bilderbuchkünstlerin Patricia Thoma entstand ein Karneval der Tiere, Menschen und Dinge als Schattenfiguren.... Read more


26.01.2016 Berket und Aymen bauen das Modell eines Hausdaches, so wie es Berket in seiner Heimat Eritrea geflochten hat. ... Read more


19.12.2015 Until the end of March 2016 the rooms at Quartiersmanagement (neighborhood management) Spandau-Neustadt are KunstAsyl (=ArtAsylum) too.

"212" - the largest installation - is dedicated to Latif, Endrit, Anita, Bedrie and Shaban in...

ROOM 102

26.06.2015  "A room of 16 square meter radiant by two glowing lights, narrow minded passage between the two beds blocked with a bone table surrounded by the commode." ... Read more


16.05.2015 Videoaufzeichnung von WELCOME! performed von Mohamed Firas, uraufgeführt am 16.5.2015... Read more

Room 102 (caveng_KUNSTASYL photo TR)
Redesign of room 102 in the central exhibition "Signale" in Neukölln Arcaden in the frame of 48 houres Neukölln
Mohamed Firas - WELCOME! Permier performance at 5.16.2015