KUNSTASYL drawing Valdrina
Team KUNSTASYL Aymen Montasser | Till Rimmele | barbara caveng | Dachil Sado | Therry Kornath, drawing by Valdrina

Since August 14th KUNSTASYL is a registered association. Initiates file download> download of the statutes of the association in german version

barbara caveng

studied from 1982- 86 at the Hochschule für Musik & darstellende Kunst in Graz.
Lives and works since 91 as independent visuaL artist focusing on participatory art in Berlin and everywhere.

more about the artistic work on


Aymen Montasser

Certificed engineer and architekt

Studied from 2003 to 2006 at the école nationale d'architecture et d'urbanisme de tunis.

Completed his studies 2013 at the TU Berlin, where he studied architecture and building preservation since 2011. He currently writes his PhD.

Dachil Sado

Finished High School 2014 in Iraq.

He Worked as a translator with the "Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs" and “US advisors”. Dachil Sado was head of the Kurdish student association in Shingal, teaching IT- skills.

Dachil lived between February and September 2015 in the shelter for people on the move & Asylumseekers  in Berlin-Spandau. Since April 2015 Dachil is team member of KUNSTASYL and since July in the board of KUNSTASYL e.V.

2016 he attended for one semester lectures for Civil Engineering at TU Berlin.

Currently Dachil Sado co-curates the exhibition project "at home: glances into fugitive lifes", a commun artproject by the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin and KUNSTASYL. In october 2016 Dachil will start his studies in the foundation class of the Weißensee Art Academy in Berlin.

Diwali Hasskan photo by Selma Murati

Diwali Hasskan

Finished High School 2014 in Shingal | Iraq with abitur.

Diwali worked between 2010 and 2014 as a blacksmith and a sheetmetal-worker in Shingal. 2015 he volunteered in a UN-camp for people on the move in Duhok | Iraq.

Since March 2016, Diwali heads the technical managment of KUNSTASYL.

Therry Kornath

After an apprenticeship as carpenter followed a study from 2009- 2012 at the Hochschule
für Bildende Kunst in Dresden, which she graduate as Master of crafts student.

Excerpts of her work can be found on



Till Rimmele

After completing his training as officer he continued to study Arts & Culture at Maastricht University majoring in Media and a minor in creative writing. He is now a freelance photojournalist and blogger.



Larissa Hermanns

studied ethnology and philosophy in Mainz from 2012 to 2013. Since 2013 she is studying interdisciplinary arts (iArts) in Maastricht.
While assisting KUNSTASYL in November 2015 she finished her Position Paper "The skies of You and the winds of causality; or how true communication could improve the world", which is the basis of her bachelor work. She is assisting again since the beginning of January.



caveng_KUNSTASYL photo bc

Safaa Moussa

Born in Berlin, Safaa studies since 2011/12 the History and Culture of the Middle East at Freie Universität Berlin, majoring Islamic studies. Safaa is completing an internship during your studies at KUNSASYL.