Iyas Sari is KING


QUEENS and KINGS – congregate!

Those who must flee carry a heavy load -
Their kingdoms have disappeared, and all that is left are memories of lost homes and war-ravaged countries.

A space blanket billows golden in the wind -

His Majesty Ezaldin Torkmani
His Majesty Dachil Sado
Her Majesty Larissa Wabi Sabi
His Majesty Jasir Sultan Abdelkhadir

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KUNSTASYL and the Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, are recreating in collaboration with dancers, actors, musicians, writers, performers, thinkers, (fashion-)designers, filmmakers, craft people and all others those lost kingdoms in an interdisciplinary production.

A kaleidoscopic spectacle of staged stories shall come into being – through dance, play, bakery, songs, speech, and spinning tales.

Shelters for people who had to flee are the setting. Our stage will be the joint exposition Opens external link in new windowdaHEIM – glances into fugitive lives by KUNSTASYL and MEK in Berlin-Dahlem.

The KINGS shall be a joint project of new and native Berliners, itinerants and residents.

  • Production period | time of government : March - June 2017
  • Royal Performance:  July 1, THE KINGS at MEK, Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin
  • THE KINGS are guests at 48-houres Neukölln: 23 - 25. Juni 2017

Once a kingdom will happen...

Percussion-Probe DIE KÖNIGE

04.05.2017 Wöchentlich einmal Proben die Tänzer, Musiker und Performer für UTC 7 HOURES PARALLEL PERFORMANCES am 1. Juli im MEK, Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin. Jeweils Mittwoch werden die Bettgestelle der Ausstellung "daHEIM: Einsichten in...

Restoring standard


We have no standard any more for anything, ever since human life is no longer the standard.” – Elias Canetti in “The human province”

A human within a mattress – an attempt to restore standard.

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Now we are KINGS

16.02.2017 and we already had the pleasure to encounter in the subway U7 other regents who would like to crown their heads. It was a special honor for us to meet Queen Ginga at the European House, who once wrote her diploma thesis about Queen Ginga...

DIE KÖNIGE - I. approach

Royal encounters at Sunday, March 5, 2013 at Museum Europäischer Kulturen. In Collaboration with Senenca intensiv - Bildungsprogramme für künstlerische Bewegungen.

Zaynab_ Dachil_Percussion from KUNSTASYL on Vimeo.

let there be THE KINGS from KUNSTASYL on Vimeo.

let there be the KINGS from KUNSTASYL on Vimeo.

For more information - also in Arabic and Albanian- please click on the image to download the flyer

Take your crown and scepter!


For information and contact: koenige@kunstasyl.net or  phone 01577-4282994
barbara caveng | Dachil Sado | Larissa Hermanns




DREI KÖNIGE - Larissa | Dachil | barbara


THE KINGS will come into being in cooperation with the Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin (MEK), generously sponsored by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin, supported by Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, and in a creative cooperation with SENECA INTENSIV Bildungsprogramme für künstlerische Bewegung.