Sve dobro

23.10.2015 daHEIM

The doors would slide shut, its elastics like clenched lips, a blink of an eye and outside Zineta would cry for her friend and maybe over her own life.

Ruschka's eyes were dry until the bitter ending. Gazing straight into her visa-vis' eyes - one last strenuous effort: "Look at me."

Childhood memory: staring at one another we would compete in the schoolyard: he who would hide his face, twitch his mouth, look away had lost. According to these rules Ruschka had beaten almost everyone in the last two weeks.

She had lost anyway.

Gliding almost silently, the bus had left the grounds of Zentrale Omnibus Bahnhof Berlin towards Serbia; arrival scheduled for 8:35h at Novi Sad.

Contenance - a beautiful word used in the middle class, demanding demeanor under all circumstances. The proud Roma proved it to be true after gazing into an abyss on a Opens external link in new windowwhite sheet of paper.

"It's sad." There was a bitter sound to the Albanian woman's words, her facial features were hard. She had said those words two days ago. On the 17 meters between the home's front door and the gate there were Ruschka and Milan, their grandson and granddaughter. The family was barely capable to manage their luggage. The girl would pause, leaning on a red vacuum cleaner. At Milan's behest the procession of the deported was set in motion under its heavy load along the fence.

"Now we have to free up the beds for Arabian people, the Syrians." The fatigue that had been locked inside of me during the whole day, turned into rage, wanting to explode. "No," I told the resident, "that's not what it is. The Syrians will not take beds away from you. You have to go because according to German law you're not eligible for asylum." I heard myself talking about the definition of asylum, the Geneva Convention, concluding with the question whether she was familiar at all with the German right of asylum.

I stepped to the side. Facing away I remembered Opens internal link in current windowAl Khaled, who would always call on his opponent in discussions like this: "Go somewhere else, if you don't like it in Germany, and apply for asylum over there."

I would have loved to say that.

The system I have been defending has failed in Opens internal link in current windowRuschka and Milan's case. The decision may have been legally correct; however, it is not the answer to the question why people who were tolerated for two and a half year in a room of 16 sq. meters were deported within 14 days.

Ruschka and Milan are still Roma; in Serbia they have hardly any chance to get education, a job, or a humanly life. Milan's heart condition is still critical. Both are over 50 years old. Their German is fluent. Berlin has been their home. They were integrated.

They did not agree into being displaced; they left with dignity.


Supplement: Petra hands me the coffee cup over the counter. "What's happenin' over there?" Through the glass partitions the bakery's shop assistant participates in daHEIM's daily life. "What, those two, the gal with the flowers and the lad, they were deported? That's not gonna safe any Syrians, no?"

Sve dobro, take care!

then Petra adds: "Well, that gives me goose bumps."

… Valdrina turned 11 today.

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: bc, Ruschka, Milan, Melisa, Dachil

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: Zineta, Ruschka

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: Melisa, Dachil, bc

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: Melisa, Dachil, bc

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: Melisa, Dachil, bc

caveng_KUNSTASYL photo Aymen Montasser

Abschied: Melisa, Dachil, bc, Zineta

KUNSTASYL photo caveng

Kumrije & Valdrina am in ihrem elften Geburtstag