102 Amer & Bashir

Writing home

Hello Mom,

How are you? How is Dad?
I hope both of you are well. How are my brothers and sisters?

I miss you so much.

I hope that the war will come to an end and that I can come home.
Then, I will kiss the ground of my country.

I hope that the war will come to an end -
We would be together again and I could eat your meals.
It is always so yummy.

I hope that the war will come to an end -

And all of us - me, my brother Mohamed, Dad, and my sister Abir - could play together. Like we used to. Ah … They were good times. We were safe ….
I never actually cherished the good times we had until I had to go.

I sure hope we will meet again some time, somewhere, God willing. Mom, rest assured that this war will end some day and Syria will be safe again.

I am well. However, I miss you here with me.

I started to learn German, to be able to start a new life.

Berlin is beautiful.

I am looking for a job and for an apartment.

Pray for me - Mom, my life.

Take good care of yourself.





On July 17, 2016 Amer and Moustafa wrote home. Their thoughts, written on sheets, are exhibits at the exposition "daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives" at the Mueum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin. Ez Aldin and his brother Bashir copied a poem written by their father to his sons on a duvet cover.



Amer writting a letter to his Mam (KUNSTASYL©caveng)
A letter written to the mother: Sombre thoughts o a pillowcase.

9/ 15/ 2016 Dachil moves out, Amer moves in

Dachil moves out (KUNSTASYL©caveng)
Dachil moves out
Amer sitting on the edge of the bed (KUNSTASYL ©caveng)
Amer sitting on the edge of the bed

Since Dachil left September 15, 2015, Amer and Bachir share the room.

Amer, the 25 years old Palestinian with a Syrian passport, grew up at Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. During the Syrian Civil War and the suffering under sieges - first by Assad's regime and later by the Free Syrian Army - people lost their livelihood at the Camp. Literally over night, they lost heir homes, which urged the majority to flee. Only one-tenth would remain. In 2015, the area with its then 16,000 inhabitants got under control of ISIS. Besieged and deprived of supplies, Yarmouk Camp became a "death camp"1 where people died of starvation.

1 UN secretary-General Ban Ki Moon am 10. April 2015



Amer and his Cousin Mohammad "Hamdschi" (KUNSTASYL@caveng.net)
Amer and his Cousin Mohammad "Hamdschi"
Amer (KUNSTASYL@caveng.net)
Mohammad "Hamdschi"(KUNSTASYL ©caveng)
Mohammad "Hamdschi" - living currently in a Heim in Brandenburg
"Hamdschi" (KUNSTASYL ©caveng)

102 Dachil & Mawlud


At 5th of may Dakel moved from room no.7 in the groundfloor to room 102 in the first floor. Serdar feels relieved to stay in one of the two most desired single rooms daHEIM.

"How long will I gonna stay here?"
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Reflections by Dachil  about his arrival in Berlin and the personal meaning of KUNSTASYL (23.5.2015)

we like to piont out, that all texts or audio files are an expression of the subjective perception and personal feeling of the authors. We pass this documents forward to you and we thank the residents for their confidence they place in us.

Once upon a time in Shingal

Shingal: a shiny city with 75km of lovely mountain in the middle; drawn by white peace and red poppy flowers, supported by our hope and the great love of the Karsi springs with their pureness. It’s a simple life there and who ever you are it doesn’t matter, everybody is a shiny star in the ground of Shingal. However the situation was, you’ll feel the greatness carried in our eyes, we are very rich for keeping on the only thin line we have. If you had a fig from the Barry's tree, you’ll feel the rich taste flowing through your arteries reaching the bottom of your heart. All my family learned the electrical profession from my father, but besides learning this we keep interest in studying and knowledge. Each one of us had a big dream. Mine was to be a small Einstein and invent peace.

I always had the support of my mother, even though she called me "my stupid son."

My life is based on love and imagination; I always find a small hole to thread a thin shiny line of love and hope through the darkness, however it is.

At the end of july Dachil signed the contract for a 1-room-apartment in Berlin Neukölln

when one leaves


Moving out

Dachil moved to an apartment of his own on September 15th 2015..

Mawlud & Serdar (until 5.5.2015)

UNINTENTIONAL SCULPTURE - Serdars three pairs of trousers at the wall

Unintentional sculpture - three pairs of trousers at the wall