101 Ez Aldin & Mustafa


Writing home


How are you? How is the situation at yours?

I am scared something bad will happen to you.

How are Dad and Mom?
I miss both of them so much. I miss the good times we had. It was peace.

How are my brothers and sisters?

Damn war. It separated us.

We used to live in peace.

Ah … will those times ever come back?

Are we ever going to see each other again? To meet again -
like we used to.

Are we ever going to live together -
like we used to?

Right now, I am waiting for my residence permit. As soon as I have it I will apply for family reunion. Then, you could live in Berlin.Together with me, in peace and my children would have an ordinary childhood.The poor ones, all they know is war.

I am learning German now. I hope to find work and to fulfill my dreams.

Stay healthy and take good care of yourself, my darling.




On July 17, 2016 Amer and Moustafa wrote home. Their thoughts, written on sheets, are exhibits at the exposition "daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives" at the Mueum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin. Ez Aldin and his brother Bashir copied a poem written by their father to his sons on a duvet cover.

Ez Aldin moved in October 2015 in the 16qm room. The pharmacist from Homs in Syria reached Germany in May 2015. He misses his job a lot. He shares the longing for a reunion with the family with 33 years old Mustafa, whos wife and children are still staying back in Damascus. They live in the center of the city in Al Midan, a formerly popular night life street, well known for delicious food. Mustafa is in Germany since July 2015. Both of them planted a flower in the "Garden of Dreams" of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen. Mustafa is dreaming the dream of many of the onces, who had to flee: He longs to get his asylum titel and to share his life again with his family.

Ez Aldin from Homs, Syria
Everyday metaphor: The once white towel grayed in the washing machine
Inventory of the room: Simple 2-door wardrobe in walnut effect . The hinged door wardrobe has a hanging rail and a shelf. Height, Width, Depth are about 81 x 177 x 52 cm
Mustafa aus Damaskus