What it means a refugee!

14.04.2016 daHEIM Kinderzimmer created by Dachil

A refugee is a person, who had to flee his home for different reasons, is a person who is putted in a tent or on a bed.

A refugee is a thing which has to be part of a group of things called refugees. A refugee is something which has to follow every person on the world and dream about being the last one and just being at least a part of the range. A refugee is the one that his voice can not rise more than asking for bread. A refugee is a point when your being a human is erased quietly.

“Kann ich dir helfen” with those words it started with Melisa last year, while destroying everything trying to help. Melisa had no chance to have the feeling of having a father through the hard situation of her family, she had a huge energy and dreams of just dancing, she is a strong young girl, she had the responsibility of taking care of her cousin in a time she needed who takes care of her. Melisa felt safer seeing me in daHEIM and calling me papa, she is the only person who was possible for me to call daughter to give her safety and show what her values are for me. Melisa was picked up from her school and deported with Zineta to nowhere in Bosnia after being for three years in Germany, Case closed.


“There are values of human rights only if human rights are done”

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